Saturday, February 25, 2017

#53: youtube for beginners: expectation vs. reality

So you want to broadcast yourself on YouTube? In 2015, I started a YouTube account for my food blog (which I had since 2013, unofficially since 2009). Here's my own expectation versus reality take on this video-sharing platform.

Expectation: I'm gonna upload a video and it will go viral
Reality: Errr... 20 views ONLY? 

Expectation: I need a DSLR, a microphone like a boom mic. Oh, add a tripod, lighting and extra lens to the list. 
Reality: While it's true that those equipment can help create better visuals, starting with an Iphone is good enough - especially when you're still new. My Penang videos were all shot via iPhone 6s. 

Expectation: Any title will do
Reality: CLICKBAIT!!! Although I hate this, but it's true - people would wanna watch videos with super catch title

Expectation: Any video thumbnails will do
Reality: Again, people want something more dramatic.... then they'll click and watch

Expectation: I'm gonna get 1,000 subscribers just like that *snap fingers
Reality: No. When you're new, no one is going to care about you *facepalm 

Expecation: I wanna be famous, fast.
Reality: No, you have to earn that right, by uploading awesome content. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

#52: finally 100

Finally, the Subscribers count on my YouTube channel hit 100. In the YouTube world, this is nothing. In my own little world, this is major. A year ago, I was telling Mariah, a fellow content creator, that I wanted to concentrate on just producing content. At that time I just had like a handful of simple videos and just less than 10 subscribers. My views count was just like 300. Even at that time, I was just so happy to have 300 or more views. That's how lame I am.

26 videos, more than 20000 views and 100 Subscribers later.... here we are! As much as it was a goal to reach 10000 subs, I know that producing content should be my aim at this infancy stage.

The more content I share, the more I will know what works (my ETS train review video has more than 10,000 views) and what does not work (I'm surprised the Nasi Lemak Cheesecake didn't hit a lot of views).

I need to enjoy this journey. And let's talk about this again when I reach 1,000 subs. If it will ever happen.

Monday, February 20, 2017

#51: macam syok sendiri je

Immediately after I posted my latest VLOG - I asked myself: "Am I too full of myself? Is it like a syok sendiri thing?"

And the most important question: What will people think?

As an introvert, I just cringe after looking at myself on the video. There's this fine line - a part of me wants to put myself out there in the realm of YouTube, and there's a part of me that seek a private refuge - away from the world.

But YouTube is the IN thing. I salute all these vloggers that showcase themselves. And I know YouTube has open bigger doors for them.

After reflecting on all this... I want my videos which I will produce in the future to answer this ultimate question: What will my viewers learn from my videos? 

Will it make them go to a certain restaurant and try their food? Will it make them wake up early in the morning and be part of KL Car Free Morning?

Now...I'm no influencer... but if my videos are informative, as much as they are entertaining... I know I'm on the right track.

I'm still new guyssss... and still experimenting.