Saturday, December 31, 2016

#35: 2016

As I type this, we're 20 minutes from midnight.


It wasn't my best year. To be honest - I had moments where I just felt stuck with my life - that it wasn't moving in the direction that I wanted it to be. For example, I wanted to vlog more for Best Food KL, but I just didn't do it. I gave so many excuses.

There are of course many things that didn't work out, but I should not be ranting about it here.

Argh. I'm stuck with this post.

Maybe I should just enjoy the fireworks for now. *10 minutes away from midnight*

Friday, December 30, 2016

#34: meet my god daughter

I'm a Muslim, she's a Hindu... we both don't really practise this God Father / God Daughter thing... but in honour of our best friendship, TK has appointed me as her daughter's God Father. *kira just for fun lar. jangan kecam please!*

Anyway, I was only available to meet Swetha three weeks after her birth. Felt truly guilty but at the same I know TK needs her rest, especially she sleeps at irregular hours.

As much as I love to carry babies around, since she's still very small, I was very scared to carry her, so I didn't. I just watched her sleep and tickled her feet too.

What did she give me in return?


Just kidding... she farted as I was about to leave. THANKS, SWETHA!!!! :P

Thursday, December 29, 2016

#33: new vlog

Remember I told you guys I was working on a new vlog? Well I kinda procrastinated (for at least two weeks, or is it 3?).

Since I'm on leave this week, I decided to just do the final touch-ups and just get done with it.

So here is a brand new vlog from Best Food KL!

I'm still a rookie in this vlogging / YouTube scene... so do let me know what kind if videos you want me to produce? Do you want me to visit a particular neighbourhood? A certain cafe? Lemme knowwww!!! I want to produce more videos in 2017!

Note to self: The more videos I produce, the more I know what to do. Right now I seem to just be doing random stuff!! Plus, I want to improve how I interact with the camera (aka talking to you!) and my camera angles and visual editing skills!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#32: nanti kita improve k?

First opportunity.

Second opportunity.

Third opportunity.

I am giving myself 6 months to absorb everything, to learn as much as I can. To improve. I want to make people watch me and go "Eh, this guy has improved".

Onwards and upwards!

Monday, December 26, 2016

#31: mrt review

My first experience taking the MRT from Pusat Bandar Damansara to Kota Damansara.

  1. Took LRT from my place to KL Sentral
  2. Missed the feeder bus as we exit KL Sentral (Info: wait for the feeder bus at the GO KL bus stop in between KL Sentral and Hilton KL)
  3. Another feeder bus came 6 minutes later. *that was fast; we didn't have to wait 30 minutes or so*
  4. Arrived at Pusat Bandar Damansara few mins later; greeted by friendly staff
  5. Sg Buloh bound train arrived 7 mins (as i missed the first train). I notice that despite the fans, the platform area can be quite hot
  6. Noticed how spacious the train is. Love the screens/monitors; trains very clean
  7. Arrived at Kota Damansara. Again, greeted by friendly staff to welcome us
  8. Very happy with this service and i cant wait to explore KL with the MRT

Sunday, December 25, 2016

#30: melaka trip

I just came back from a short Melaka trip with my Mak, Bro and SIL. It was our first trip together - the four of us.

Funny - I went to Melaka in September and again in November. So yeah, another Melaka trip to end the year.

Some quick info about our trip.


Hatten Hotel has been my hotel of choice because I love the location. It's near Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Walk. It's also near Mahkota Parade so it's kinda convenient having a supermarket nearby, just in case we need some snacks to munch in the room.

During this trip, we stayed at the PINES Hotel, which is located along the river. You can't exactly walk to Jonker Street, but you can book GRAB and pay RM4.

There's a Chinese food court nearby and there's also a Gerai opposite it. This gerai serves THE best Roti John I have ever had. They deep fried the bread so that it's nice and crunchy.

The room is nice and spacious, with a nice view overlooking the river and Melaka town. The swimming pool is located on the 8th floor.


During this trip, we had our meals at the following places:

  • Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball, Taman Melaka Raya. We went to this place just before dinner time so we didn't have to queue! 
  • Hajah Rahmah Asam Pedas, Bukit Katil. Their specialty is, what else, Asam Pedas of course but I was still looking for my chicken dish (and luckily they have ayam masak merah). Sorry - but I don't eat fish! haha!
  • Original Coconut Milk Shake, Klebang. Had the coconut shake and nasi lemak here! The coconut shake is good, but then again it seems like I was drinking melted vanilla ice-cream!  
  • Jonker 88, Jonker Walk. Had Laksa, Pasembor and Cendol at Jonker 88. 
  • Seri Erra Roti John, Jalan Bunga Raya. Please, please, please... if you're ever around this area, do try their Roti John. It's so different than the ones that you get here in Kuala Lumpur (or maybe I have not explored KL hard enough...) 
That pretty much sums up by trip to Melaka - and my Christmas holiday. Back to work tomorrow (Monday). 

I need another vacation!!!! Maybe Ipoh next?! 

Damn. I don't see myself reaching post #50 by December 31, unless I can come out with 20 posts or so in just a few days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#29: when you think you've done your best

I am just trying my best to blog as much as possible, with my initial aim of reaching #50 by end of December. At the rate of where I am going, I have no clue if that is even possible.

Anyway.... back to today's post.

Feeling a lil emo as I type this post. Wanted to share it with my close friends, but I'm sure it'll end up with just some blue ticks. So I've come here to rant share.

Have you ever been in a situation where you think you've given your best... but the people around you don't seem to think so. Like, it's, just, well, blergh? As I type this post, that is what I am feeling right now.

Felt disappointed in the beginning. I needed my ME time for quite a while.

*30 minutes after my ME time*

You see... I needed my ME time for me to take it all in and just recharge my soul. I need to put everything in a different perspective and come out from the situation on a high note.

I realise we are in the situation, we should:
  1. Have an open mind and take the suggestions. 
  2. Realise there's always room for improvements, and be open to hear it out
  3. Be open to be a life's student and learn. 
I can't go in details what happened or when this happened, but maybe one day in the future I will look back at this post as a reference. I think that's the whole point of me returning to personal blogging anyway - so that my future self will have these kind of memories to look back to. So malas to chase a lot of readers now, just wanted to write and share! 

Pheewww. Felt good releasing it here! Haha. Thanks for listening reading. See ya in the next post! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

#28: i met vivy yusof

It felt so surreal meeting Vivy Yusof. I've been following her blog since 2013, as recommended by my cousin. Her warm personality and funny stories got me hooked right from the beginning. What I like about her blog (and something that I can't emulate) is the fact that she is so candid with what is happening in her life - and that itself gives a reason why we should follow her blog for updates. There's consistency.

How she built her Fashion Valet empire is just so inspiring. From having three co-founders running to the show six years ago to what it is now - with more than 100 staff; offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta; and having two boutiques in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore.

Just. wow.

On Thursday, my colleagues from went to the Fashion Valet office to meet Vivy to film a segment we're doing for the bulletin.

How's she in person? I can tell you that she is super friendly and she is just as funny like on her blog posts and Instagram hashtags. Oh, and there's Iman too - her PA. Both make a great team (at least through my observation).

After the interview, we all took turns to take photos with Vivy.

When it was my turn Vivy said: "Yang ni tak boleh pegang-pegang, peluk-peluk. Kena Halal."


I'll keep you guys posted on the segment once it's on-air!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#27: nn debut

Photo credit: Mariah Ahmad

Just the whole day yesterday I was a nervous wreck. It was my anchor debut on NN AND.... AND... AND... I had to interview THE YUNA!

Like hello?? She has been interviewed by the international press, so I needed to bring my A game so that it would be worth her time to come to the studio and do this LIVE interview.

Despite being nervous, when I heard the 10 seconds countdown, I looked down at the laptop and say "Bismillah..."

As I hear the studio director's cue on my earpiece... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6...

*no time to be nervous*

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


Sunday, December 11, 2016

#26: it's a girl

So happy for my office BFF TK for giving birth to a healthy baby girl. She went into the labour room at around 9 something, delivered the baby at around 12 something... AND HAD THE TIME TO MESSAGE US AT 2 SOMETHING.

That's just #friendshipgoals.

Didn't get to visit her today. I wanted to but I realise she needs a lot of rest and I think her family members will be there. So I guess it's better to visit her much later once she's all settled at home.

#25: dah kahwin belum?

There is a very good reason why I am (sometimes) reluctant to attend weddings. But there are just several invitations this month since it's the school holidays. If you read my previous, I can no longer say "Oh I am working this weekend!"

It's even harder when you're in your 30s and single.

Here are some questions that I got just now. I SWEAR THE QUESTIONS ARE LEGIT. I DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE THEM UP.

Question 1: In college?
Me: No... I am already working.

Question 2: How old are you?
Me: 30!
You don't look 30 at all!!!! 
Me: Sigh (wait, or is that supposed to be good?)

Question 3: Dah kahwin belum? 
Me: Belum lagi!
Belum?? Nak aunty carikan? 
Me: Takpelah
Ehh... cakap kat aunty nak orang mana?
Me: *Looks at phone, even though the internet reception was just bad. Look busy by refreshing the page*



Saturday, December 10, 2016

#24: my first weekend

I am getting more and more comfortable sharing random stuff from my life. We're at #24 today.

As I am typing this post, it's Saturday 6pm. It's my first REAL weekend.

You see, for the past four years plus (almost five), I've been working shift hours. That means sometimes I have to work on Saturday and Sunday. There are days when I come in early in the morning, and there are days (mostly), I go to work at 3pm and go home by midnight.

My "weekend" would mean getting off from any days from the week. For example, it could be Monday and Tuesday for one week, and the following week it could be Tuesday and Wednesday.

I am not even complaining about that arrangement, because I've gotten used to it. As long as I get my off days, I am happy - you get what I mean?

So now... I am part of a new team, which means I work 3pm shifts, from Monday to Friday. Which means, I get Saturday and Sunday OFF.


With that, it also means I have to attend family/friends weddings, without getting away with the excuse "Oh hari ini kerja!!".

So yeah, I am about to head out to a wedding soon.

Ohhhh... now I will experience a real MONDAY BLUES... and the joy of #TGIF!!

How's your weekend, folks? I hope you have some weddings to attend too! Haha!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

#23: that one time you say 'no'

Wow, we've reached post number 23! Is it possible to reach #50 by the end of this year? Let's try.

So... I did tell ya in the beginning that sometimes I may post a one-word blog post. So today, I will let this quote do the talking! Have you gone thru something similar?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#22: december 5

Finally! A full English news bulletin for Astro AWANI. I wanna remember the first day of TX forever. December 5.

As I am typing this, we've just concluded our 2nd LIVE Bulletin on December 6. May this be one step towards something better in the future.

Monday, December 5, 2016

#21: i didn't cry

Searching for old photos of Kenneth and me on this blog (previously named Curious Syaf), is a blessing in disguise. Felt a lil emo *JUST A LITTLE!!!!* after being transported back to the past - reading about lepak sessions, the never ending assingnments and just enjoying the simple life. *PASS ME SOME TISSUES PLEASE!!!*


Anyway, let me share with you so posts that made me almost cried LOL last night.








All the posts above have taught me to really LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Wait. That's not the lesson. The lesson for the present Syaf aka ME is.... BLOG MORE!!!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

#20: super duper best friend's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kenneth Chong - my super duper best friend of two decades!

I wanted to say more than 10 years, but I stand corrected - we've known each other for 20 years now!!!

A best friend deserves a lengthy post, so read on if you have the time! :D

Ken has known me since I was like this awkward 11-year-old with not many friends in school... to my late teens/early twenties as a University student with this braces on (hahaha!).

He has seen the good side and the bad side of me (sorry for throwing the ping pong bat at you!)... and just allowing me to bully him, which I don't do anymore (Ehm, maturity!).

The best moment for me was when I was still adjusting life at Monash University Sunway when he told me over SMS (this was in 2005 guys. No WhatsApp yet!!) that he was transferring from Australia to Metropolitan College.

My immediate reaction was like, "Isn't that down the road from my campus?"

So we make it a point to eat McDonald's every Wednesday for lunch. That's like the best Wednesday of my Uni life.

Then he graduated... so no more Wednesday lunch!

Oh, sometimes we meet on weekends too. The top photo is of us during one of our regular lepak moments. We were still university students.

Even though we were on a tight budget, we would still have our main course, dessert at some place like Baskin Robbins and do an activity, like bowling! And then we would do a lot of walking around the city... like checking out hotel lobby and all. What were we thinking? hahaha!

So glad we are still best friends till today even though he lives in Singapore. (Can't bully him often now... maybe if I am in Singapore. haha)

Anyway, I shall end this post before Ken cries a river. HAHAHAHAHA. Don't cry k?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

#19: creative juice

Just wrapped recording my latest vlog for Best Food KL YouTube. I've been eating A LOT of Nasi Lemak for this particular vlog and I am so glad that it's done. Usually I eat Nasi Lemak once a week, but had to break that rule for this VLOG.

The editing process begins.

I am very much a rookie vlogger/YouTuber, so I am still learning about getting good shots, speaking confidently in front of my Canon camera *it's TOUGH!!* and just putting all that into a short YouTube video.

Now... I am still in learning mode. My videos are still not up there yet. As much as I put pressure on myself to produce beautiful videos, I have to realise that this is still a learning curve for me. Heck, I am still shy to take out my camera and talk to it in public. Some might think, "Gila ke budak ni!".

So far I am loving my YouTube journey.

I think this will be my last vlog for the year, before I produce more for 2017! Still learning and improving!

Support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel and check out my videos there!

Friday, December 2, 2016

#18: ular

Saw some kids at the bottom of an escalator and I assume they were doing some surveys. So I gave them this 😒  look and went up anyway.

A bunch of girls started to scream "Abang!!!"

I ignored them.

"Abang. Jangan lalu situ!!!" They said a few times.

I turned my head and looked at them.

"Abang!!!! Kat atas tu ada ular!!"

As I went up, they were right!!!! OMG!

Never been THIS close to a snake before!!