Sunday, January 29, 2017

#43: instagram live and facebook live

*OMG that pic above is huggeeeee*
*sorry guyssss*


I played around with Facebook LIVE on Friday night (Thanks Indra, Hyder, Effa, and Muhammad and the rest for watching, but these 4 stayed until the end) and I just think it's so much fun.

Just now I tried Instagram LIVE first at Suka Sucre (attended the Bake Sale) and just now when I had dinner. The first garnered like 10 viewership and the latter garnered like 13 viewership. It's a start... it's a start... hopefully I can double this next time I go Insta LIVE! Anyway I'm just grateful to those who watch me blabber stuff randomly. hahaha. you guys are awesome!!

I really think this is a great way for me to connect with Best Food KL followers. With all these features (LIVE and STORIES), I really think Best Food KL will just focus on Instagram. I am thinking of pulling the plug on the blog. Since Google changed the algorithm, the pageviews have been dropping. Only pages with certain content and title will ranked on the first page of Google.

I just wanna focus on Instagram (and also YouTube) now!

#42: oprah's birthday


It has been a while. A long while.

Today is January 29th... Oprah's birthday! If you know me well... you would know that I love Oprah Winfrey. I've been watching The Oprah Winfrey Show ever since I had cable TV in 2000. I was like 13/14 then and had major self-esteem issues. Watching her show, watching Oprah being herself, watching her interview inspiring people made me realise that anything is possible!

Even though the show has ended, I'm so thankful for YouTube so that I am able to watch clips from her old shows, and also snippets from Oprah Winfrey Network (Wooot... she has her own channel now!).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OPRAH!!!!!!! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. *as if she'll read this post! hahaha*

Sunday, January 15, 2017

#41: meeting chef wan

I was at PWTC earlier today as there was an exhibition on financial management (or something like that!) and on the way to the hall, we saw Chef Wan at the side of the stage - but it was a separate event with a different organiser. So after going through the exhibition I suggested to Mak we go watch Chef Wan's cooking demo. So we did.

You know, Chef Wan is as witty and fun on TV as he is in real life. While doing the preparations and cooking, he'll tell some jokes and he keeps the audience laughing and having a good time.

Chef Wan shifted the conversation about happiness - and what makes him happy.

"Choose to be happy first. So many us want to work hard, be successful and then they only want to be happy.

"That's not how I define happiness. I wake up in the morning - I choose to be happy. I am happy I am still breathing and for the little things. The happier I am, the more I can do in terms of my projects.

"It takes little to be happy," said Chef Wan.

Chef Wan - you've turned your cooking demo into a motivational talk. I am going thru something right now and those are the exact words that I need to hear right now.

Thank you Chef Wan! I am so glad I stayed until the end to hear this bit about happiness.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

#40: all endings are new beginnings

Isn't it funny when you're going through something and all of a sudden, you get a quote or something that reflects what you're going through.

I was clearing my emails when I saw this in the subject header: All endings are new beginnings.

One day I'll share with you the significant of this quote.

One fine day.

#39: youtube

As much as I love developing the Best Food KL YouTube page... I'm thinking of doing another channel for non-food stuff. I've been watching A LOT of YouTubers, vloggers or whatever you call these people and I am thinking of doing something like that?

Why? Here's the main reason.

Doing a food vlog is harder because I have to be there, take out my camera and speak in public. Plus... I'm shy, an introvert... and IT'S HARD!!! I've had to cancel some recordings because I was jsut too shy due to the crowd. But as I look back at some of my past vlogs, I am like, did I just do that at... Ben's? Dome? Nasi Lemak Saleh?? Like did I just take out my camera and speak in public.

The other vlog will just be me in my room and talking about an issue. So... it's easier. I don't have to go anywhere else. I can just write a script and just record it from the comfort of my room.

I wanted to keep this lil project to myself... but then I realise I need to share it here too. Maybe you can give your suggestions too?


Monday, January 9, 2017

#38: replacing mykad - an adventure with mak

This past weekend was just spent on sorting out Mak's new IC.

On Saturday morning we went to UTC Pudu to replace Mak's IC which has a chip problem. As expected, it was crowded but luckily there were many counters so we just had to wait for 30 minutes or so before Mak's number was called.

We were told it would be ready in two hours. So where to? We didn't want to drive out. Oh no, getting a parking spot at UTC Pudu was an adventure in itself. We did not want to go through it again.

I suggested we take the STAR LRT (officially known as the Ampang Line - but I still want to call it STAR) and have lunch at Sunway Putra Mall. It has been ages since Mak took the STAR but she was just cool with it. Didn't even care that it's the NEW train. I mean, the new AMY train has been in operation since forever, but for someone who seldom take the STAR, it's new ok?

Anyway, we had fun exploring Sunway Putra Mall. Had Curry Mee and Cendol from Teo Chew. For dessert, we had Goreng Pisang Chocolate. Life was just great then.

We went back to UTC Pudu just in time to collect Mak's new IC. It wasn't a long wait.

Mak didn't like the photo - but that's ok since we're done with our errand. She kept her IC and we walked to the car. In the car, Mak wanted to take a second look at her IC - but, she could no longer find the IC in her purse.


As we drove out of the Pudu area, we searched her purse, her pocket, the back of the passenger's seat, the compartment in front of her (even though it could not be there anyway).

She took out all of her cards - credit cards, Isetan card, MBG card, AEON Big card... but NO IC!!!!


As we reached near our home, I have to regretfully admit that I was pissed off, or was it more like frustrated? Well, we spent the whole day at UTC Pudu... only for it to have been "misplaced" after getting it? Could it be that she dropped it somewhere on the way out, thinking that she placed it in the wallet? Mak, why so careless??! *okay, don't scold mak no matter what*

So many scenario were playing in my head. Who took it? What if they did something with her IC? Anything can happen. By this time, someone out there is with Mak's new IC and this person can pretend to be Mak!!

We immediately went to the nearby police station to make a report. However, since no one entertained us and only one policeman was handling the cases, we decided to go back to UTC Pudu. This after one guy on my Facebook said there's a police station there and it made sense to make a report there.

So we went there and went back to JPN, you know, just in case there's a Lost and Found counter or something.

We went to the guy that gives the number and he asked us if we wanted to replace the IC at that time?

"Wait. You guys are still open?"

Apparently they operate until 8.30pm!!! *yayyy for JPN!!*

It was 5pm. The original plan was just to come back another time. We looked at each other and I nodded.

"Let's just finish this errand today."

As we waited for another round to submit her details, Mak and I laughed at the day's adventure. Just when we thought we were done at around 3.30pm... there we were again with the crowd - repeating the process all over again.

By 6 we submitted the forms and was told to come on Sunday to collect the IC.

Since Mak knew I wanted to do something else on my off day, she was like, "We can collect it next week...".

I insisted we collect it on Sunday and voilaaaa... she finally got her IC!


It may not be the weekend I was hoping for, but I would not want it any other way. Mak - applying for a new IC - TWICE - on the same day. How random could that be?

We celebrated this with a nice brunch at Wondermama X, Avenue K!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

#37: back to work

For most of you, Tuesday is your back to work day. For me I started work on Monday - after five days off. So you can just imagine that blues I was going through!


Anyway, before I forget, I just want to share that I had the best holiday week ever. I stayed in KL, but it was still meaningful because I did a lot of stuff.

Here's a summary.

  • Met TK and her daughter Swetha
  • Completed a new vlog for Best Food KL (on Nasi Lemak!!) 
  • Went to Pavilion with my Ustaz's family. I even when on the Swarovski ride in the middle of Pavilion *I had to take care of his kids, k?* 
  • Went to the new Pelita on Jalan Ampang, formerly Zouk
  • Went to Mitsui Outlet
  • Tried Bingsoo for the very first time at Avenue K
  • Went to KLCC to celebrate New Year's Eve, even though I went back before the fireworks cuz it was just too crowded
  • Had Nasi Lemak Paru from my favorite stall - TWICE! 
  • Tried Costa for the first time
Well, basically that's what I did during my off. Simple but still meaningful. 

On Monday, I had a hard time to adjust to the working mode but I'm glad I have fun colleagues around. We even went to Pavilion for a short dinner. That was fun!

Ok, ok... enjoy your Tuesday aite!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

#36: journal entry for december 31, 2017

One of the things that I did beginning of 2016 - and I shall continue for 2017 - is that I kept a journal. A physical one. A Moleskine journal, no less. Each day from 2016, I tried my best to share my notes on a daily basis - things that I am grateful for, things that I want to rant and just things that I did. It's just like this blog - except it's more candid and honest. *I hope no one will ever read my journals*

For 2017, I decided that I do not need a RM100+ Moleskine planner... so I decided to buy a planner from a local brand which costs me like RM28. What I like about it is the small size and that there are more than 365 pages, meaning that each day gets its own page (the Moleskin one is three days in one page).

The first thing that I did this morning was to write in the journal - not on January 1, but on December 31, 2017.

I written down three questions:

Have I uploaded 40 new videos to Best Food KL YouTube?

It's my mission to vlog weekly for Best Food KL. I know there are 52 weeks in a year - but of course there will be moments where I'll be lazy and have no inspiration to vlog, so I am aiming for 40 vlogs this year.

Have I created an impact as an anchor?

I am truly honoured to be given the opportunity to anchor NN. With that said, I do not just want to be a normal anchor... I want to create an impact too, or at least have a strong presence as I anchor the news. This is still vague at the moment and I do not know exactly how to achieve this... but I do know that I do not want this opportunity to be a syok-sendiri-look-at-me-I'm-on-TV stint.

Do I have a toned body?

DON'T LAUGH!!!!! I know it's hard with Best Food KL and all... but I want to hit the gym more often this year. I do not want a sado body... but maybe, just a nice, toned body with a flat tummy? Is that too much to ask? Hahaha!

Ok... that's basically my aim for 2017! What the hell did I reveal to you guys here! *maluuuu*

What's your action plan for this year?